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Great Views on a Cloudy Day

I actually tried to post this yesterday from my phone, but that epically failed.  Today, I was going to tell you all about last night´s adventures trying to find the ¨Wall-Mart¨ but I´ll do that when I get home from school 🙂  For now, I´ll try again to post the pictures I took yesterday.  The first five should be from the terrace at my host family´s house and the other´s from the 16th (technically seventeenth) floor of the university 🙂

*Again I didn’t end up posting this.  So I am posting it today but it’s actually from like 3 or 4 days ago.  The rain finally stopped 🙂 It’s still cloudy more or less but, being from Colorado, I’m used to the sun winning a quick victory over the clouds and that was probably the most consecutive rain I’ve seen in a very long time 🙂  I loved it!