Greetings Earthlings! 

My name is Autumn Standing and believe it or not, I’m an earthling too.  Despite my extreme double-jointedness I am a rather normal human being who loves swimming, licking brownie batter from the spoon (much to my mother’s chagrin), and has recently discovered a passion for unconventional traveling.hair estes

I am a lost junior Global Tourism and Spanish major with a minor in Business pretending to study at Colorado State University with a  new and exciting career choice every other week.  Last year, I finally decided to let loose those crazy hairs I’ve been attempting to tame since my 10-year-old dreams were substantially about getting kidnapped or running away from home to some totally new and exotic place.  Having gained 10 years on that person I chose to start out a little more responsibly with a study abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It was (is) my first time outside of my cozy 48 and wow did that blow (is blowing?) my mind.dulce

A dulce de leche lover at heart, I found something here in Argentina that makes me feel at home.  I have been diligent in keeping my promise (thus far) to my Statian (US) friends not to fall in love with a burly latin model with a sexy accent, but I have instead unexpectedly lost my heart to the city and culture of Buenos Aires.  Follow the adventures of the clumsiest, spunkiest, and most flavorful yankee I know in Buenos Aires and I promise to try not to bore you!

  1. Thank you for following Malcolm’s Corner and liking some posts. Hold on to that adventurous spirit of yours.

  2. Beautiful pictures if I may say so myself! Love you honey!!!!!!

  3. The Tipsy Nomads

    Hi, I nominated you for a Liebster Award here are the questions: wp.me/p2OEbw-3V Good luck with your travels!

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