Birthmas Wishes From Argentina!

So I made you guys a video!  I tried to keep it short (and only sort of failed!)  but I had a lot of video clips and things to show you.  I wanted to use some music from here but I didn’t :(.  Just don’t make fun of me for using Ke$ha, she fit the video too perfectly and I’m actually really proud of it 🙂

Happy 22nd birthday to my brother!  I love you so much and I really miss you 😦  I will spend your next birthday with you, I promise.  Only one more birthday in the army–can you believe it!?  I’m so excited for you and hopefully I won’t have to miss you miserably as much after that, as long as I don’t do anything too crazy and go rogue traveling or some such nonsense 😉  I can’t really beat last year’s birthday wishes 😛  I was going to try to reminisce with photos but remember I couldn’t find my camera and I was using Clell’s old Droid so I didn’t have a reliable photo machine? (I am building up quite a record of cellphone neglect…) I only have the one picture of us from that trip taken at four in the morning in the airport after days of celebration and needless to say it’s not worthy of posting on here.  Hopefully we can keep a small tradition we began last year over Skype this year and neither of us gets too crazy 😛  P.S.  I think you look better with hair.


So tomorrow is Christmas.  Well, actually Christmas will happen today because it’s very rare to go to sleep before midnight here and it’s not going to happen with this chickadee for sure.  Christmas.  Yep.  That means New Year’s is around the corner and I’m feeling incredibly introspective, sitting here dripping with sweat and wishing that NesCafe tasted good cold.  I’ve developed a strong addiction to caffeine over the past year.  Does that make me an adult?  Grownups drink coffee….not Autumn.  She’s always been the baby, the one who gets to draw first when playing Sorry!, the one who was allowed to go trick or treating until well past the acceptable age.  Surely just having a two in front of your age doesn’t make you an adult.  I mean, I still miss my mommy, I still can’t keep secrets, I still play dress up and get a thrill about staying up past bed time. 

But I’ve been feeling increasingly grown up lately.  My bank raised my credit card limit because apparently I’ve been financially responsible (cough cough.)  The fact that I even HAVE a credit card seems weird to me.  When people ask me how old I stutter and get the same urge that I had when I was seven to look up at my mom with scared puppy eyes wondering what age I am today.  Maybe I’m a special case–being 20/21/22/23–but I’m beginning to think that there’s no such thing as growing up–there’s only growing into yourself. 

That gives me the image of someone’s arm growing the wrong direction and turning itself inside out, nesting in his/her rib cage and leaving a strange looking skin covered tunnel where an arm would usually go.  That’s not what I meant.  I meant that I’m still the little girl that used to sleep with books instead of stuffed animals and wanted to be a Whale Trainer at Sea World (potential next major change?)  The only difference is that I’ve grown boobs (sort of), drink coffee, have a credit card, and have surrendered to eating apples with the peels still on them (you think I’m picky now…) 

I opened my email a while back to find a message from one of the most peculiar people I know–myself.  There’s this brilliant website I discovered five years ago that lets you compose emails to yourself and sends them down the road–like a sort of online time capsule.  Anyways, I will share the letter with you because I think it demonstrates my point quite nicely:

Dear Future Me,
So I guess I’ve always wanted to do this. I will make this one to send in like, ten years how bout and the next one in five and the next one in one 🙂  Maybe there should be one to send to me in one year too… i don’t know but it sounds good to me.

So here is a little about myself:
1.  My last name is Standing.  I know… it’s kind of a bummer last name.  I often tease myself about the fact that I am “Fall Standing”  HA         HA.
2.  I have two dogs.  Sanchez and Lipton.  Lipton will be going back to Guide Dog school soon.  He is eleven months.  We are looking for therapy work for Sanchez…unsuccessfully.  But we found out today that Christine, his mom, is gonna have more puppies!!!  I can’t wait to get one.
3.  I am in the tenth grade.  I’m just gonna say:  it pretty much sucks.  I have no friends that I count and I pretty much don’t talk all that much to people, even though I am quite a social person.
4.  I have brown hair.  All over my body pretty much.  I hope it doesn’t turn gray by the time you read this, but it’s pretty scary, I found a gray hair the other day, which means that I definitely need to worry about turning gray.
5.  I watch three shows on television.  American Idol- I hope that David Archuleta or David Cook wins,  House- It starts up again in ten days cuz of the stupid writer’s strike, and Biggest Loser- they just had the finale last Tuesday for the couples.
6.  I have a pretty busy schedule.
7.  I have a ridiculously large wardrobe of summer skirts and skanky shirts.
8.  My cellphone is ancient.
9.  I am quite a whiny person.
10. I like to write.  Journals, books, accounts of my escapades, etc.
11.  I don’t have a boyfriend.  I really have a tendency to get obsessed with the first boy who likes me and then he doesn’t really like me all THAT much.  Maybe I’m ugly.
12. I’ll talk to you later ok?
PS Phone numbers and other important numbers are as follows:
ryan’s cell-216-3616
dad’s cell-210-2194
mom’s cell-217-8223
my cell-556-1566
address-3125 gatlin st.
delia’s phone number-226-6901
anni’s phone (even though she’s not my friend)-377-0832
PSS. Happy Birthday!  It’s 11-11-11 haha

Here is how things have changed:

Dear Current Me,

I am in Argentina right now and when I am in a state of reverie I begin to think about how much my life has changed  since being born, is changing, and what all that means.  I still believe that my stuffed animals and dolls come alive when I close the door behind me.  I genuinely feel bad every time that I think about this because right now I think those dolls and animals are buried under feet of snow in freezing cold weather in my mother’s shed. 

So here is a little about myself:

1. My last name is still Standing.  That’s not going to change anytime soon because, unlike Married In A Year, I prefer an extended version of Patti Stanger’s 12-month action plan (Men respond to photos!  That’s why the real estate agents ALWAYS get the guys.)

2. I have one dog.  Sanchez, b
ut I miss him very much.  Dio, although he isn’t my dog I miss him just as much as if he were 😦

3. I am in the fifteenth grade.  I’m just gonna say: It pretty much rocks.  I have so many friends who I love very dearly and I wouldn’t be surprised if scientists found out that they’re the reason the sun comes up in the morning.  I’m super social.  Sometimes I talk too much…ok who am I kidding?  I always talk too much.  I also drink too much and party too much and stress too much.  I am a girl of excesses.

4. I have brown hair.  All over my body pretty much, but I try to keep most of it maintained using various sharp objects and syrups.  It’s turning gray and I don’t really care.  It’s kind of pretty 🙂

5.  I don’t have time to watch television really.  I am too busy enjoying real life.

6.  I have an incredibly busy schedule.  But it’s all things that I like usually so…menos mal.

7.  I have too many clothes. I don’t ever get rid of them because I’m convinced that even if they’re no longer usable I can cut them up and use them for something.  This is called the first stages of hoarding.

8. My cell phone is ancient.

9. I whine a lot. 

10.  I like to write.  EVERYTHING ❤

11. I don’t have a boyfriend.  I don’t think I’d know what to do with one if I did have one.  Make him buy me coffee? I think I’d sound full of myself if I said I’m pretty, so let’s just go with not ugly 😉

12. I’ll talk to you later, ok?



P.S.  I am not really sure that you need all of my phone numbers and other “important information” because I’m pretty sure that you have that stuff memorized still.  You’re awesome with numbers, congrats!

P.S.S.  Merry Christmas!  It’s freaking 99 degrees out (and that’s not exaggerating, it really is 99 right now), I’m going to the pool.  Hasta la vista, baby!


About Autumn Standing

I love words; my name is made up of real words, even. I am studying Global Tourism and Spanish with a minor in Business Administration at Colorado State University but this year I chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That's why this blog was born--to keep my beautiful family and friends informed of my whereabouts, thoughts, accomplishments, and mistakes.

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