I Wish I Weren’t a Muggle

So, I really shouldn’t be on here talking to you guys.  I have SO much to do today; SO much to do this week.  We decided to leave for traveling on Sunday and I seriously don’t know how I’m going to get everything done.  I’m REALLY excited though, I can’t even tell you!!!  Last night, we outlined a tentative route and made a list of things we really wanted to see and it pumped me up so much I stayed up till 3 AM researching it. Baaaaad idea says the white sheep. 😦  This is how my day is planned….:

7:30 AM–Alarm rings


Reason #1 I Wish I Weren’t a Muggle: I could totally stop time to sleep more and I think I’d be a much happier, less stressed person.

9:00 AM–After resetting various alarms, making timers, etc. I finally surrender to obligations of the day and go shower. 

9:20 AM–I’m irresponsibly talking to you

10:30 AM–Free Yellow Fever shot at this place my ingenious friend, Ike, told me about.  Isn’t this just the prospect you’d want to wake up to after four and half++ hours of sleep?! 🙂 Yay!


Reason #2 I Wish I Weren’t a Muggle: I wouldn’t have to worry so much about petty mortal diseases.  I could just, you know, resist them with my awesome magic-ness.

11:00 AM–Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long for the Yellow Fever shot, but I do believe that I will be running late as usual…but I’m going to try and pester the Brazilian Consulate because it’s like 10 blocks from the Yellow Fever shot place. (Do you think yellow fever shots are actually yellow?  I would like it if they were; I’d feel a lot tougher getting injected with yellow goo…more like a superhero…less like…a muggle?)  If you didn’t know, the USA makes things insanely difficult for people coming into our country from elsewhere, even just to travel.  That means we get punished with exorbitant entry fees and complicated paperwork that sometimes takes months to complete when we only innocently want to spend some time on the beautiful Brazilian coast…sigh.  I want to buy a one-way ticket into Brazil which is a bit of a problem.  For some reason they think I’m going to fall in love with the crystal clear water and decide to never leave.  Although this doesn’t seem a legitimate fear to me, I’ve never been there and it may have some weight; either way, they’re making it difficult for me to get a visa.  Poops.


Reason #3 I Wish I Weren’t a Muggle: I could use magic to convince them to just give me a visa.  Better yet, I could just fricken apparate to Brazil and listo–no visa, no flight, no expen$ive mumbo jumbo!

12:30 PM–Meet Sol to go to the depilación place; go to the depilación place.


Reason #4 I Wish I Weren’t a Muggle: First of all, witches are hot…well not the kind that eat children, but you know, the good kind 🙂  Glinda, in Wizard of Oz, was like super sexy.  I want her boobs. I forgive her for being a ginger.  I’m sure that witches don’t have to get waxed or worry about such trivial things.


2:00 PM–Go say goodbye to Marianita for the summer 😦


Reason #5 I Wish I Weren’t a Muggle: I’m sure that if I had magicalness running through my veins I’d figure out a way to make goodbyes be for less time and well…maybe I would just get rid of them all together.  I have made a lot of them this year, and even though I’ll see all my friends next year–everyone including you guys!!!–they still suck.  I want to stay here for the summer (I’ll still be back in March at the latest) just as much as I’m excited to go.  The people I’ve met here in BsAs (Buenos Aires) are so incredible and my heart has grown enough to swallow them up hole and suffocate them with warmth and love. 

6:30 PM–Partyyy far away.  Details confiscated 😉  But it includes more goodbyes 😦 See reason #5.  This will most likely be stressful trying to arrive at said party’s location but once there it will be ok.  Thing is that I will still have to be up early and tomorrow is looking just as yucky in terms of business.  Although most of these are happy things…it is still stressful trying to be super woman when I’m only a muggle.

Reason #6 I Wish I Weren’t a Muggle: Accio Breakfast!  Need I say more?


About Autumn Standing

I love words; my name is made up of real words, even. I am studying Global Tourism and Spanish with a minor in Business Administration at Colorado State University but this year I chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That's why this blog was born--to keep my beautiful family and friends informed of my whereabouts, thoughts, accomplishments, and mistakes.

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  1. Ai ai ai Oto??ito!! Que orgullosa estoy de poder estar en tu blog! jajaYa vamos a cumplir nuestra 3era despedida el s??bado! ajaj es genial! nunca me desped?? tantas veces con una persona :)Aunque tuviste un d??a agitado y solamente nos vimos media hora, masomenos…. la paso genial cuando estamos juntas <3Mil disculpas a la gente que lee este blog, pero sienceramente mi ingl??s es horrible jajajTe deseo un buen viaje, que sigas conociendo gente linda y nada, nos vemos a la vuelta :)Cuidate mucho!!! cualquier cosa estoy!! :)PD: me deb??s el helado y el fernet shhh 😛 jajaj

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