Growing Up is About Watching the Sunrise

Alright guys, I’m not going to waste a whole bunch of time apologizing for not writing lately because there’s so much to tell you!  Clearly the whole “shorter more often” thing isn’t really my style and that didn’t work.  It may be easier to read and maybe even more enjoyable, but I feel like I don’t tell you everything I want to with that.  (Ok so I didn’t give it that much of a chance but…whatever.)

It’s summer here, and I feel like a cat in so many ways.  I sleep all day, spend the waking hours of night chasing after various laser lights and continuing to expand my knowledge of the public transportation system, and drinking milk and feeling sick afterwards.  I don’t think cats use public transportation…but they seem to be able to get anywhere so maybe they have something similar.  It’s warming up quite unpleasantly lately, and I think the fan that I used to worry would tear out the ceiling and shooting star into the opposite wall seems to be losing power.  I no longer have dreams about being lost in a farm of windmills, anyways.  It feels so far away from Christmas that when I remember it’s that time of year on a few rare occasions it almost annoys me.  Not only have I not bought anything for anyone I love, but I haven’t said “Happy Holidays” to a single person, nor had anyone say such a thing to me.  In fact, I’ve kind of had an ingrained sense of excitement that fourth of July is coming soon.  Fireworks!  What???  This summer season thing is messing with my mind.  Lauti told me they actually have fireworks on Christmas usually anyways.  How exciting…but it doesn’t physically fit in my mind.  Neither do half of the images on cigarette cartons here, so I guess things are just strange.


^^This one says that half of smokers die of tobacco…but there’s a picture of a bandaged foot.  I don’t get it.  (Ok, guys, I’m not dumb.  I know it’s a toe tag.  But I still think there should be two feet….or maybe a picture of a dead person would be a bit more effective.  Idk.  I was a Marketing major…so stop making fun of me for not understanding it! My blog’s been posted for like two minutes and I’ve already got three messages telling me it’s a foot with a toe tag. Tranquila!)

Ok so I’m being really random (don’t even try to figure out how my mind works; just go with it) and just making this post ages longer so I’ll start talking about something you actually care about:  School!

If you are one of my lucky friends on facebook you’ll have already read that I finally officially changed my major.  I’m no longer going to study Business Marketing. I still want to get my MBA but I figured that I don’t really need an undergrad in business to do that, even though it might be easier.  I am getting tired of the Business school’s stupid regulations on what I can transfer in and how hard they’ve been to work with in my double major from abroad, plus, I just find the major I switched to more interesting.  It actually reinvigorates me and makes me want to study. To be honest, I’ve been bored of school since the tenth grade, I didn’t really want to go to university but there wasn’t anything else productive I could have been doing…it was the next logical option.  That’s why I never go to class, I never study, and I get mediocre grades.  I’ve been thoroughly bored.  We’ll see if this new major helps!  It’s Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism with a concentration in Global Tourism….so Global Tourism pretty much.  What is that?  Well a lot of work.  I will have to do an internship and an undergrad thesis (ewww) and it requires at least a semester abroad.  But it’s more tailored to what I think I want to do when I graduate and it has interesting classes that I think I’m more likely to attend.  I still have yet to find a true passion, but I’m getting closer. 


^^RamWeb Official! 🙂

Another major decision I’ve made lately is that I want to go traveling.  The original reason that I cancelled my whole summer trip around South America was because I didn’t anticipate spending so much money on life here and extra costs of my program.  Now I think I can do it.  I met some people and found some websites and travel communities and I feel like it’s totally possible.  I’m not going to post all of the details here on my blog because I’ve already talked to most of you back home about it and you think I’m crazy.  Haven’t you learned yet that I AM crazy?  Plus, you worry about me too much already and I’m just fine. 🙂 So if you’re really curious then ask me about it, but be prepared and know that I have closed the application for advice… There may never be another opportunity for this in my lifetime and I know I will regret not going. 

It was a tough decision because I have such great friends here.  I don’t want to leave them one bit and I know my summer would be amazing if I stayed.  That means there’s a lot I’ll miss out on by going traveling, but then again I’d miss out a lot by not going–I just don’t know what I’d be missing out on.  It was the same with the decision to go to Argentina, and I went through a similar dilemma: leave my friends behind to go have adventure and new experiences or stay and feel comfortable and loved?  I promise to be safe though and I love you guys!

Talking about how great of friends I’m making here makes me think about things back in the States.  I’ve been really struggling with keeping up with everyone there lately and fighting a lot with my closest friends.  It’s like a secondary type of culture shock kind of.  I love everyone back home dearly but seeing things on facebook or hearing news from back home sometimes makes me feel left out and jealous.  Not only can I not share what’s going on in their lives so easily anymore, but it’s also impossible to describe my life down here well enough for them to understand it. I can tell them about all of my new friends but they still can’t really know what it’s like to go have the most delicious ice cream ever with Sol while she talks about how unlucky it would be to die by a dead person falling on you or to see Lau laugh at himself as he tells me to “get off” the “truck” so he can pull into his postage stamp garage. I have inside jokes with them now, and my friends back in Colorado have inside jokes without me.  The reason we are all friends isn’t because of the times we spend together, I know, but the fact that we can spend any time together and make it fun.  It’s still hard though.  I feel like I have two lives now and I can’t continue to try and maintain both of them; I have to let the weeds grow in my old one so that I can water the new plants here and that is extremely hard for me.  Stress :/

Img_1017^^Me hanging out with Max, a friend I’ve made here and that I’ll be going on my trip with


^^Me dreaming about my friends coming to visit me in Buenos Aires and being excited about PhotoShop

By the way, just so you have an idea: this is Lauti’s “truck.”  Let me know your opinion on whether or not this constitutes as a truck, because he gets offended by the word jeep.  I’m thinking I should compromise and allow it to be a truck in Spanish (camioneta) but call it a jeep in English.  I’m no expert on cars but…truck seems a bit hefty don’t you think?


A third huge decision I’ve made lately (first was changing my major, second was going traveling this summer) is to stay for the rest of the year with my host family instead of moving out.  There are so many pros and cons to this that it took a lot of energy to make that decision, but I’m happy I decided to stay.  It was really stressful because I really only had a single day to make the decision and it caught me by surprise.  I had always planned on moving out since I’d dropped API because I felt like it might cross too many lines to ask my host family directly to circumvent the program and work something out on our own.  I’d asked Carmen and she told me that no, technically I shouldn’t ask them…so I took that as a “don’t do it.” 

Plus, I’m still ridiculously shy and I wasn’t really sure they’d wanted me to stay.  There are a lot of things I took into consideration that I am not going to post all over my public blog (because my host family reads it sometimes too I think :P), but when my host mom told me that she’d love for me to stay (she just thought I didn’t want to…miscommunication) I had one day to either pay a down payment on the beautiful house with the pool or stay.  I talked to people and thought about it myself and realized that I’d probably get a more authentic experience by staying.  My goals align better with staying.  Too many dilemmas lately.  But I love my host family and I’m really glad I stayed, I’m excited for the next eight months!


So with so much stress, my two friends invited me to Mar del Plata, a summer city on the Atlantic coast south of Buenos Aires to spend a weekend partying on the beach and relaxing in the sun.  Umm…how could I pass that up?!  On top of that we’d be going in Lau’s “camioneta” and staying at Kevo’s grandma’s house so it would be very very cheap (just food I would probably spend money on even if I stayed!)  It appears I’ve made the right kind of friends here–quinta’s (house’s with pools in the country side), summer houses in Tigre, and free trips to the beach…ok, I’ll take it. 😉

It was a six hour drive there, but totally worth it.  We left late on Friday night and we got back just yesterday (Sunday) at around midnight, so we didn’t really do much except drink, eat, and go to the beach (the Argentine English accent turns this word into “bitch” and I love hearing them say it.)  We got to the city at 4 AM, ate what was in the fridge like zombies and crashed.  I woke up around noon and we went straight to the beach.  We spent way too much time trying to find a parking spot, but made up for it with gourmet salads and non-gourmet beer at a beach side cafe relaxing and talking about our plans for the night.  Kevo and Lau showed me the port and we saw a bunch of sea lions (ocean wolves in Spanish.)


Lauti and Kevo cooked a delicious dinner for us all of eggplant milanesa and potatoes au gratin with a salad that night and we discussed all sorts of things including (but not limited to) racism, reincarnation, and whether or not we should all nap before we went out that night.  No sleep till Brooklyn I guess…because right as I was climbing under my covers in my pjs Kevs rudely turned the lights on and told me to rally.  Blah.  You only live once though…might as well spend more of that lifetime awake!

So I lethargically dragged my fully nourished body out of bed and put on my swimsuit and clothes ready to party…not.  We were all exhausted as we climbed into Lau’s jeep and set off for a brewery they told me that I just had to go to.  I had the honey beer.  It was a taste of home to be in a brewery and I realized how much I missed good beer with good friends.  I was so happy to be there with them in that moment and I truly felt lucky and content with life.  I do that a lot lately. 


^^Lauti y yo en Antares con Kevo

After one beer we took the jeep to the beach and drove it over the rocks barricading any vehicles entering the beach (cuz we’re just those kind of dangerous, pesky twenty-something-year-olds.)  We drank rum all night, danced to music from the “truck”, talked about life, attempted to do cartwheels, ran into the water and played in the waves (ok, that is a little bit of a lie–turns out I’m deathly terrified of the ocean at night…), and watched the sun rise over the ocean together.  It was as perfect a night as could be and I love those two as much as any of my friends back home. 


I have a lot more pictures (Lauti just got a new camera so between the two of us there are more than 800 photos…) but I don’t have them all on my computer yet.  I will make a video maybe later with more 🙂

I miss you guys!  Hope Christmas break is going swell back home and not too cold or too much snow.

Happy Holidays!


About Autumn Standing

I love words; my name is made up of real words, even. I am studying Global Tourism and Spanish with a minor in Business Administration at Colorado State University but this year I chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That's why this blog was born--to keep my beautiful family and friends informed of my whereabouts, thoughts, accomplishments, and mistakes.

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