Ready, Set, Whine!

**Pre-disclaimer: Gonna add some random pictures that again have nothing to do with the actual contents of this post just to entertain you all 🙂   While I spend the majority of this short post complaining about my poor luck with electronics lately, I will say that I love love love love my new camera.  It has become nothing more than an extension of whichever arm is hosting the wrist strap (so that I don’t drop it….) and it takes beautiful pictures.  I think it’s becoming a part of my personality and more than once I’ve been told, “Otooo, dejá de sacar fotos sin sentido!”  (Autumn, stop taking senseless pictures!)  They’re not senseless though.  They are memories and I know that even with the mounds of random pictures I’m accumulating on my ungrateful computer (see below), I’ll still return home wishing I had taken more.


^^Dulce de Leche Frappuccino.  Nuff said. 🙂

Hello everyone!  I´m now officially on summer break 🙂  Do I sound differently?  More carefree and relaxed? ….I didn’t think so.

It’s surely because I am a little sick, because everything I touch lately seems to develop defects or break, and because I have a lot of things that I need to do, or should be doing, but that I’m avoiding.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely happy and enjoying myself…but that’s because I’m trying not to think about how badly I need to acquire some form of paid labor.  I’d rather read my book.  It’s a murder mystery and it’s super difficult to put down right now, but I need a break. 


^^Summer nights spent on the terrace discussing what the apocalypse of Dec. 21st will bring ❤

I’ve been thinking about where my life has been going lately.  What is my destiny?  Where am I going to be in 20 years?  Am I really studying what I want to study?  Where do I want to live?  What’s my favorite color?  (Green.)  Right now, my host brother and my host mom are sitting at the kitchen table, having long past picked their dessert oranges from their shells and devoured the fleshy fruit with their teeth, discussing what my youngest host brother wants to study.  Right now, he’s in his first year of Psychology.  I wanted to be a psychologist once.  I find it super interesting…but, then again, I think everybody does. That’s because it has to do with all of us and we’re all curious as to why we do the things we do.  Why do I feel like I need to brush my teeth twice every night before my head hits the pillow?  Why do I sometimes talk to myself when no one else is in the room?  How come the inner dialogue in my head uses the pronoun “we” instead of I?  I’m not crazy (probably debatable depending on which ex boyfriend you’re talking to….), but psychology can potentially answer all of those questions and, let’s face it, we’re all interested in ourselves.  I got a little off track, but basically, all of this raises the question of where I am going in my life. 


^^The longest hot dog I’ve ever seen…I know I’m a vegetarian and I just walked into a lifetime’s worth of “That’s what she said…” jokes but I couldn’t resist showing you guys

So, while these questions of my life’s direction are colliding with the plot of my serial killer novel in the chaos that’s crowding my consciousness, I figured I would tell you all about what’s been going on in my life lately 🙂  Lucky you.


^^Lau and his adorable little sister, Caro

I started this post about three days ago because I was going to whine about the curse I seem to have with electronic things lately.  I feel comfortable confirming on my word of honor that I have some aura around me that reacts with electronic equipment and causes it to malfunction.  Four weeks ago my phone decided that I was becoming too comfortable and thought it would spice things up a bit by repeatedly power cycling every three minutes.  It would stay on for three minutes, then restart.  Three minutes isn’t much time to nurse an unhappy cell phone back to healthy, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t want to be my cell phone anymore anyways.  Then, last week my laptop got the bug.  It began a deadly love affair with its power cord and now thinks that it cannot bear life without being plugged in.  Although nothing seems to be physically wrong with the battery, Calypso (my computer) has decided to make the power cord her immortal husband and, as a show of defiance, will immediately turn off without it.  The battery seems to be otherwise fully functional (we tested it at my computer geek friend’s house and it’s just fine.)  So, my friend let me borrow his iphone that’s connected with the same phone company here to use while I send mine back to my mom so she can claim the warranty.  The iphone was just fine until it was exposed to my noxious aura.  So, whatever, I’ve had to take the 20 block trip in the sticky heat these past few days numerous times to talk to the cell phone company to reach some sort of solution to no avail.  I’m done whining though.  Maybe I’m just destined to not communicate with the world around me…serves me right for being so attached to social networking and media. (Actually, this year I’ve become an expert at surviving without a cell phone and I would estimate that, in total, I’ve spent a quarter of the year without one.  Seriously.  My friends can attest to that.)


^^Otto trying to fix the electronics I’ve cursed 😦 

I think I’ll do a video blog soon! 🙂  Look forward to that!



About Autumn Standing

I love words; my name is made up of real words, even. I am studying Global Tourism and Spanish with a minor in Business Administration at Colorado State University but this year I chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That's why this blog was born--to keep my beautiful family and friends informed of my whereabouts, thoughts, accomplishments, and mistakes.

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  1. :* so true so true…. Send more music… get a job come home soon I miss you. Its going to snow here soon. Dog is fine …Oh I miss you

  2. Hey I named my computer too! I named it Black Delilah lol. I like Calypso, though. Pretty legit name!

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