I Can Cry If I Want To

So, by now I’m sure I’ve drilled through your heads how much of a disaster my birthday party was but to our credit (actually probably just Lauti’s credit), it could have been a good deal worse.  While I’m knocking on wood, I would like to thank everyone who saved me at my birthday party:  Lau, Kevo, Seca, and probably some other people that I don’t remember saving me.  I seriously don’t know how to thank you guys properly.  I was like one of those obnoxious self-re-lighting birthday candles…when they get old and no longer funny.  You put me out, everything’s over, and then I’m on fire thirty seconds later dripping wax on the cake again. 

I’ve heard some great reviews of our party though too.  This is either because these guests are lying through their crooked teeth or that they had firmly adjusted their drunk goggles.  The biggest problem was that about half the expected number of guests actually came and we had twice the amount of party materials for said expected number.  If you do the math, that’s four times too much alcohol.  To top that, all of the girls must have been off having exclusive sleepovers and pillow fights because they weren’t at our party.  It was a total sausage fest (or ensalada de huevos as my host brother kindly taught me that night.)  I was totally acting in character with my usual panic: making the rounds to make sure everyone was happy.  I do this thing at parties–ESPECIALLY ones that I throw–that I’ve termed “minnowing.”  I dart around from group to group all night making sure everyone’s happy and engaging in quick deep conversations.  The end result is that everyone sees me but no one really knows where I was all night or what I did.  They just say that they hardly saw me.  My goal of “minnowing” is to be everywhere at once and make sure everyone is having the time of their lives (Tata, if only you were there…xoxo.)  What actually tends to happen is that I enigmatically end up disappearing.  Ok, I don’t disappear, I just don’t stay in one place for long enough to make a secure enough impression that I was there.  It’s difficult to explain but you guys probably know exactly what I’m talking about if you’ve ever had the, ehem, pleasure of being at a party with me.

^^Just watch it.  It couldn’t be more perfect. 

At midnight, it turned my actual birthday.  Most people had recently arrived at this hour and so everyone congratulated me and successfully got me to cheers with them, take a shot with them, or poured me another drink.  If I never hear “Fondo! Fondo! Fondo!” again it may be too soon.  Thus was the fate of my first three drinks.  You have to see my point of view.  (I’m about to try and defend my getting wayyy too drunk and people having to take care of me right now.  It’s going to be pathetic, but I am trying to preserve my last shreds of dignity so just be nice to me please.)  I was stressed and panicked about so many things. This was my first birthday without a hug from my mommy, without Dad or another best friend to embarrass me by making waiters/waitresses sing to me in front of the entire restaurant, without someone showing me an embarrassing photo from my youth.  I have to find an apartment and organize everything for next semester.  I was worried about so many things. I just got overwhelmed and all of my friends could tell. 

So they did what they could.  They ambushed me at the door to the terrace, formed a circle around me jumping up and down loudly screaming “Fondo! Fondo! Fondo!” and shoving drinks in my face.  I felt loved…I think… They also uncorked a bottle of champagne all over me and Lauti in the spirit of our birthday and made us take swigs from the bottle.  I know I adamantly refused saying, “No, odio el champagne!  En serio!“, but relenting eventually.  So, I came down the stairs halfway through the night soaked in champagne and amor to jello shots and jager bombs (alright, I kind of initiated those…but I was proud of the adorable little plastic shot cups I found!)  Then, my host brother asks me to try and make his friend drunk.  Challenge accepted.  Well, the only way I know how to successfully complete said challenge is to drink more myself.  Everything was a recipe for disaster. Apparently I successfully inebriated him though.  Small step forward I guess….


^^The party’s theme was “WTF.”  That’s why I have a fish painted on my face and we all look very strange.  Leslie did an excellent job on the fish.  It was really really wtf the entire night.  I wish I had better pictures of it!


^^It’s hard to explain how cool this fish was. It kept freaking Guillo The Host Brother out whenever I’d talk.  And all night people kept staring at my lips because it was just so weird.  Imagine the Annoying Orange but in fish form and on my face. 

My night ended promptly when I fell in the bathroom and hit my head on the bide.  Lauti took the bestest care of me and saved me from most of the humiliation that I would have accumulated had he not been an angel on earth.  I am so lucky they were there for me.  I know that I would have been safe if I had everyone from home there, most definitely, but it’s hard to make reliable friends in just a couple of months here and I am really grateful that I have been able to!  It’s just strange to imagine that ALL of my friends here have only known me for four months or less.  I hope they’re aware that I don’t give up easily on friendships and they’re pretty much stuck with me now.  But anyways, I didn’t say goodbye to anyone at the party because I was being confined for the rest of the night.  They took care of me and tried to give me the best possible chances at making it to my 21st birthday.


^^Owl (Nahuel), Lauti, Me, and Seca

I spent almost the entire next day just lounging around at Lau’s house recovering.  I don’t know what magic he worked but I wasn’t hung over!  I had a minor headache but there’s this beautiful disaster of a drug here that cured me right up.  It’s basically just ibuprofen but they put caffeine in it.  I think that is a really horrible idea–the last thing you need when you’re sick is to be jacked up–but it definitely made me feel better.  I got home around seven o’clock and skyped with my family although  I don’t think I was quite myself on the phone with them.  I told them all the dirty details (and I mean all of the stupid, vulgar things I was saying and how
drunk I was; things I certainly won’t post on my public blog) of my night and didn’t seem to worry that my mom might not be able to sleep from worry about me.  I guess it’s just another way Argentina has changed me–I don’t seem to worry so much about censoring myself so much anymore, especially to the people that I love.

Guillo, Tomi, Lucre, and her boyfriend Joaquin came home right as the conversation was dying down so I said goodbye and shut down my computer.  They ordered me ice cream and made me these delicious raviolis in cream sauce; we even broke out the good china and ate formally in the living room. 🙂  I felt really special despite still being in workout shorts and Lauti’s oversized T-shirt with no makeup and messed up hair.  Lucre creatively made a 20 out of a spoon and a 2 candle–which I think was more perfect than an actual 0– and I blew them out before they melted the ice cream.


^^Lucre’s beautiful candle creativity

I forgot to make a wish.  I think that I was already just so happy to be in Argentina that I had nothing I truly wanted.  When I was little I always used to wish for something superficial or specific…I’m pretty sure I wished for a puppy years 8 through 14 and I got Sanchez eventually. ❤  But this year I realized that I hadn’t made a wish right after I blew out the candles.  I breifly considered making one anyways, but I couldn’t think of anything that was worthy of being a birthday wish. I am happy.  

Even though I couldn’t spend my birthday with my family and friends from home this year, I still spent it with family and friends.  I wouldn’t have wished it any other way.  I’m beginning to feel like this is my home, my family, and my friends.  No matter where I am in the world there’s always going to be someone on the otherside of it who I care about, but, as Clell reminded me, you can get anywhere on this planet within 24 hours if you have to. 

Thank you to my host family, my friends here and from home, and my regular family for making this one of the best birthdays ever.  I love you all very much.


About Autumn Standing

I love words; my name is made up of real words, even. I am studying Global Tourism and Spanish with a minor in Business Administration at Colorado State University but this year I chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That's why this blog was born--to keep my beautiful family and friends informed of my whereabouts, thoughts, accomplishments, and mistakes.

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  1. Wait, wait, wait. This is bothering me now. Did I say that right? Fiesta is feminine, right, so do I have to make chorizo feminine too? Goddamnit, my Spanish sucks and I think too much about it. But choriza doesn’t make sense either…


  3. I like did like a whole comment blurb and it didn’t post…

  4. Sniff…this is awful. Ok, so just in case it won’t post my previous awesome comment: the ensalada de huevos totally cracked me up because it sounds so funny in English and I translated it in my head very literally: "salad of eggs/balls." But then I realized that the Spanish translation of "sausage party" has to sound funny too: fiesta de chorizo. Teehee. You can make fun of my awful, meager, very literal Spanish now 😛

  5. Lol no. I translate things too literally all the time too! You might get frustrated lately with my Facebook because people have been writing all over it in Spanish (I’m so sorry, I did totally break my promise) but I keep making those types of mistakes. Payback is a bitch does not translate directly lol It sounds so boring in Spanish–"La venganza is terrible." Revenge is horrible…..mmmyeahnotsomuch.

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