Tuesday the 13th!

Ok, so the title doesn’t make sense anymore because it’s now Wednesday the 14th Thursday the 15th.  In my defense I started this post yesterday two days ago and, as per usual, didn’t keep my promise of posting it.  The title is also very misleading because I actually talk about my birthday, which was Sunday the 11th.  The only reason I couldn’t resist using this particular title was because I feel like Tuesday the 13th is a prime example of how the little things in my life lately have culminated into a weird crazy dream-like reality.  In the States, Friday the 13th is famously an “unlucky” day that has been the subject of dull, repetitive horror movies for decades.  Apparently in Argentina that day is Tuesday the 13th.  It causes my eyebrows to bunch up a little, my lips to tentatively reach for my cheekbones, and a little involuntary exhale of breath while I shake my head in a ¡Qué es esto! amusement.  Those of you Argentines who know me probably know the exact face I’m describing.  Everything seems just enough different here to simultaneously confuse and amuse me. (And by the way my toilet, which I’ve affectionately named Teodoro because I take a shower with him every day and por eso, he deserves a name, does not actually flush in the opposite direction.  He flushes straight down.)

Yet another quick disclaimer before I get started on the actual subject of this blog:  my English and my Spanish are both in a terrible state of pandemonium.  If at all possible I am regressing in both languages right now and am having great difficulty expressing myself.  My hope is that this is just a pivotal stage in the language learning process and that maybe I’m supposed to get worse at both English and Spanish  before I get better at my Spanish; my fear is that I hit my head one too many times this weekend at my birthday party and it’s finally caused permanent damage to my Broca’s and Wernicke’s area, resulting in a dual language aphasia (if I was able to construct that sentence in a way you could actually understand the message then…menos mal  I guess.)


^^To help you better understand wtf I’m talking about.

The disclaimer is that you will probably notice really elementary grammar and spelling mistakes  in this blog.  I seriously proofread an email the other day and found that I’d spelled “bottle” as “boddle.”  I clearly need to stay away from the things.  This is not the same girl who proudly won every single second-grade spelling bee, so beware.

And now I’ll start.  🙂 My birthday was…so strange!  The party was a failure (I think I’ve mentioned on here before that I should NEVER EVER plan my own parties because I just can’t relax when I feel like people are depending on me to have a good time.)  The next day was my actual birthday.  I spent it nursing my pride, recovering, and celebrating with my host family, who totally saved my birthday probably without knowing how much.  Then I talked to my family over Skype.  That was kind of funny and weird because my brother was on leave from the army for Veteran’s day and my Dad came up to see him–so they were all in the same house without me on my birthday.  It easily gets out of hand when my whole family gathers under one roof so it was both entertaining and kind of a bummer to see them there without me.  I then talked to my best friend, Dad for three and half hours over Skype after dinner (She’s not my father.  This is always a huge difficulty for people who don’t know both of us to understand; if you are getting confused, know that you will always hear me say MY dad if I’m referring to my father and just “Dad” if I’m talking about Dadalie.)  I couldn’t even really tell you what we talked about.  The hours always fly by with her.


^^Totally spent way too much time photoshopping this together.  I just got the program (CS6 Extended!) and it’s captivating so I’m wasting valuable time messing around with it lately. (I know it’s kind of obviously photoshopped but I got bored of perfecting all the little details halfway through.)

The week leading up to my birthday was extremely stressful.  Not only was it my last week of school with two finals for classes that I’d shown up for very sporadically throughout the semester, but I was trying to plan a spectacular birthday party with my friend Lau, I was trying to apply to a different university and figure out what I wanted to do this coming semester/summer, AND everyone from the program was leaving on Saturday because technically it was the last day.  It was just too much at once and I was a nervous wreck through the last minute of it.  There’s still some lingering feelings of anxiety this week. 

I somehow miraculously aced my last two finals.  I don’t even know the names of the classes they were in, so don’t ask me.  I sincerely don’t know how I did it.  Everyone on facebook was complaining about their finals two weeks ago so I curiously checked my class schedule to see what we were doing an hour before I had to catch the colectivo to my econ class.  As is typical of my luck, we had THE final (50%) of our grade that particular class period.  Proceed with nervous breakdown.  I hadn’t been to class in two weeks.  I got an 86% on the exam.  Yeah, I know, you say you hate me Dadalie (and maybe some of the rest of you), but as much as I’d like to say it’s pure genius talent that runs through my blood…it’s just the international classes I’m taking.  They’re a joke.  For the oral exam in my other class I was asked if I would change anything and what my favorite part of the class was.  I’m not kidding.  I didn’t have to know a single thing about Social Movements in Argentina and Latin America.  I got a perfect 100% in the class and I know I missed more than 3 in 4 classes……

But, well, I stressed out about them until the last minute because clearly I had not put any effort into attending or studying and I thought I would get what I deserved.   I still have two finals at the end of this month in my two Argentine classes but there are no more actual class sessions.  Argentines have a two or three week break to “study” before taking their finals.  What do you guys think?  Am I going to actually study for them?

Well after my last day of classes and finding out that I wasn’t going to fail out of the easiest university of all time, I went over to my friend Lauti’s house with Sol.  It was his birthday.  We helped him make Skittles vodka as a birthday present for his OTHER friend (Although I prefer to avoid the image, all of our parents must have been happy couples around Valentine’s day or something…), pretended to plan our own birthday party, had dinner with his family and drank a bottle of champagne together on his terrace.  It wasn’t much of a celebration but we were planning on doing all that celebrating on Saturday night at our birthday party. 

riday I put the finishing touches on the slideshow that I made for our program goodbye dinner and started to really work on those ulcers I’d been forming in anticipation of my birthday party.  I am still scatterbrained and a bit of a terror to be around despite the party being three days ago.  I just have a lot of things going on and I can’t seem to relax.


^^Although this is actually a picture of me the day after the first time that I went to junior prom (I was too cool to only go once), it was how I felt for the whole weekend…and probably what I looked like for most of it.

The dinner was sad but there was a little bit of drama between group members that was unnecessary for our last night together. I was over that in high school and I certainly had no use for it now.  There were people I was really sad to see leaving though 😦  I made this slideshow during the last week because I enjoy doing things like that, but I ended up getting lazy and I forgot a bunch of key memories.  It wasn’t perfect like I’d wanted it to be, but it didn’t turn out awful either.  In all earnestness it was an excellent device to distract me from studying for my finals (which turned out in my favor anyways! Cheers to negative reinforcement!)  The slideshow I uploaded to youtube.  It’s poor quality and really really long so I don’t recommend watching it, but if you’re really bored (or dedicated.)

We all went out one last time as a big group that night for “one beer.”  It was a pretty successful night.  I managed not to destroy my knees despite wearing heels and I accidentally kind of on purpose stole a bottle of queso flavored mayonnaise.  It’s in our host family’s fridge.  I thought it was funny…now I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.  I got home at 7:30 AM.  Only one beer, tranqui, as usual.


^^I don’t have my phone right now (long story…) and camera on FRIDAYYYYY so I had to take this picture for you with my webcam.

Well I got three hours of sleep Friday night because I was worried about the party.  I woke up and got myself ready to go and messaged Lau at around noon.  He was indisposed and was going to be ALL day.  If I could freak out more than I already was this was it.  I had to make the jello shots and put them in my host family’s fridge all by myself.  They turned out terrible because I don’t think jello is the same strength here…either that or Peter’s is worse than Burnett’s (is that possible…???) but they looked beautiful in their little orange slices 🙂 

Then I dragged Sol to the bar with me at around four to say goodbye to my friend Alex from the program because it was his last day.  Warning: I’m about to make fun of you, Alex.  I don’t know if you read this but prepare to be humiliated.  Have you ever seen a giant black guy cry?  Not only have I seen that, but I’ve had one sobbing into my shoulder and getting snot in my hair while the bartenders sheepishly pushed napkins across the bar at us with looks of understanding on their faces.  Understanding for my plight, not for his.  He was incredibly drunk.  It gave me a good laugh at least.  Sol went back to my apartment to wait for me while I walked him/guided him home.  It was 5:30 in the afternoon, bright and sunny; imagine a big black bowling ball that I’ve thrown down the alley…that’s what he looked like barreling down the sidewalk.  And I think he would have been in the gutter too if I weren’t there.  🙂  I think what his host mom said to him sums it up nicely, “Sos un terror!” You are a terror, and not like you are right now, but you ARE a terror.  But she did say it in a loving tone so I’m sure she wasn’t angry, to his credit.  We were both worried as he stumbled into the remis with big ol’ tears running down his cheeks and snuffling.  But he seems to have arrived back in the states in one whole piece!

Then we prepared/went to the birthday party.  I’m sleepy now.  This post is yet again getting too long.  I fail at blogging.  Tomorrow I’ll write the second half.  I’m not very reliable though, am I?

This was part of Lauti’s contribution to the playlist for our birthday.  I love you haha.  And I’m ashamed that I know all of the lyrics…



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I love words; my name is made up of real words, even. I am studying Global Tourism and Spanish with a minor in Business Administration at Colorado State University but this year I chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That's why this blog was born--to keep my beautiful family and friends informed of my whereabouts, thoughts, accomplishments, and mistakes.

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  1. My tummy doesn’t look like Britney Spears in that video anymore 😦 Ugh. I’m ashamed. I used to have those sexy abs, right? Damn it…I need to go to the gym.

  2. Hahahah I love you, Dad, but you know there’s no requirement for you to comment on every single blog right? Lol it sounds like you couldn’t think of anything to say. No more complaining about your abs, I forbid it. We skinny girls are never allowed to say anything and yet we seem to complain the most.

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