Felines, Fernet, and Feriados: Part II

I’m going to continue this blog in the same format as Part I; sorry if it’s a bit confusing.

I’m starting Part II off with a bit of a lame day but it was a much needed relax day 🙂  Although I had big plans to apply for jobs, go grocery shopping, do some studying, clean, etc., I foolishly downloaded A Song of Ice and Fire (the first Game of Thrones book) on my Kindle and that was that.  I would read until I fell asleep, then wake up and repeat the process, only interrupting for food twice.   The book’s like 800 pages so I didn’t even get halfway through it (I’m stilllllll on the first book haha) but it was nice to just be lazy and take some time for myself.  The weather was kind of yucky all weekend too, so it was the ideal day to lounge around. 

A note on the weather and changing of the seasons: I heard it snowed in Colorado this weekend.  To that I say: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, suckers! I know that when I’m dying of humidity in a month or two (maybe even sooner) you’ll be able to get me back. Go ahead, but I’m not really in the mood for snow at the moment.  What I did want to say about the seasons is that it’s totally muddling my sense of time.  I do not at all feel like it is already a third of the way through October right now!  The other day, my host family was talking about how hot it will be around my birthday in November.  Hot???  It usually snows on my birthday.  I don’t know how to picture a Christmas without snow, although last Christmas spent in Louisiana had rain and that was really weird, this is still what I came back to:


^^Pictures I took from the plane when I was landing in Colorado Springs

That being said I am having a nice relaxing break from the harsh and colorful Colorado seasons; but while I always thought that I would be able to live away from them after I graduated college, the grass is always greener (or snowier 😉 ) on the other side and I think that I’m a Colorado girl at heart in need of a healthy dose of all four seasons and the mountains. (Best State, again!  These posts are just full of Colorado praises haha)

Saturday Night:
Saturday night I went out with my host brother and his friends.  It was tranqui and relaxing but fun 🙂

Now, before I go any further, I’d like to address all of the beautiful Argies who read my blog.  I’m very honored that you guys are interested in it 🙂  I’m pretty proud of it myself, although I should really write more often than I have been (I feel like I’m always going to be saying that), but please please please take everything you read with a grain of salt.  Es decir, (y perdón mi terible escritura ), que todo lo que lees en ese blog es mi opinion y como yo veo los eventos y las cosas que me pasan acá.  Núnca estoy criticando a Argentina ni a la gente acá!!!  Amo a Argentina ❤  Igual, si vos fueras en mi pais probablemente interpretarías las cosas diferentes.  Sólo estoy comentando de las cosas que a mi me parecen raros o graciosos o simplemente diferentes.  Y, ya que sé que ustedes leen mi blog jaja, tengo miedo de ofenderse o decir algo que realmente no es como lo digo (“Qué sé yo…”, para vos Guillo :P.)  También probablemente voy a hablar de ustedes en algún momento, pero no quiero que preocuparme de como van a interpretarlo.  Asíque por favor sepan que sólo estoy contando desde mi punta de vista para mis amigos y mi familia en los Estados Unidos y si tienen algo de añadir o aclarar–porfavor comenten abajo! 🙂  I’m still kind of scared to just spill my true thoughts about everything haha but I will do my best!  They’re not negative, I just really don’t want to sound like an idiot or offend anyone (Yanqui sense of political correctness??? Quizá….) 

Well, here goes: My host brother took me to his friend’s house and we ordered Chinese food.  He was perpetually teasing me about my blog on the walk to the bus stop, about my sensitivity to political correctness, etc.  He was playing a mental game of crack the egg by bombarding me with American English curse words (I don’t mean just the ones that we say, but the ones that no one says, like the “n” word and some weird Old English curse words that make me blush;  these words have absolutely no significance here though and my host brother is far from racist, he just thinks it’s funny to embarrass me.  It probably is entertaining to watch me squirm, so I don’t blame him.)  I’d heard that the Chinese food here was particularly delicious.  It really wasn’t mind blowing or anything, but it was good.  I’m a huge fan of fried rice though and I haven’t had it in a while so that probably swayed my tastebuds.  It was funny listening to the Chinese words in Spanish–like Chow Mein and Chop Suey–they even spell them differently. 

After we stuffed ourselves with rice and I settled into my usual silence we learned a dice game that I turned out not to be half bad at (it involved lying to your opponent and them having to guess whether you were being truthful or not, so naturally I was a pro) and then we played a game that was kind of like telephone but with drawings.  They reminded me of roadtrip games we’d play when my mom couldn’t handle another round of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.”  By the time 1:30 rolled around I was thoroughly tired (who knew being lazy all day could make me so worthless at night?)  While the others decided if they were going to go out or not my host brother’s girlfriend was all but snoring on his shoulder.  That was our cue and I secretly thanked her because I don’t think I was up for dancing.  Went home and passed out. 🙂

Saturday’s Firsts:

  1. Bought something online while in Argentina (an ebook, so it’s kind of a cop out, but I think it counts)
  2. Rainy day in Argentina—Psych!  Umm no, probably about the millionth haha I’m trying to use the force to send some of the moisture home to you guys but so far no bueno.
  3. Argentine-Chinese Food
  4. My host brother made me try a piece of lamb, but I couldn’t even taste it I took such a tentative nibble.
  5. The games we played were new too. 🙂


Sunday I woke up at 10:15 after a mere 6 hours of sleep.  Christine had invited me to spend the day being a tourist (this whole weekend felt really touristy for me), going to several museums and ending up at the Japanese Gardens. When I look back on the idea, it just doesn’t really sound like my kind of adventure…and I don’t know who has the stamina to go to more than two museums in a row but it’s not me.  Kudos if you really have that lengthy of an attention span and that callused of feet. We posted the idea on the Facebook group to see if any other people found the idea fun (they didn’t) and then set off.&nbsp
; By the time I met up with her Victoria had called Christine so we walked to her place and waited for her, then all happily embarked on an adventurous day (sort of…) together. 

The day was overcast, but warm.  It was one of the few times I didn’t miss the sun because I knew I’d feel like I was in an amphibian’s cage if everything started to warm up with that kind of humidity.  We were all fresh and happy to start the day, walking along the street with smiles on our faces and OHMYGODWHATTHER;ALGHAL;KS;GH;OIAG!!!! 






I still can’t get the image out of my mind and it’s really unpleasant to write about.  But it must be done. There he was at about 11:30 in the morning in the middle of a busy plaza.  Just splayed out on a bench like a comatose cat.  With a wide gaping slash in his pants exactly where a wide gaping slash should not be.  There aren’t words.  There just aren’t. Not everyday you see a guy passed out ona  bus bench with his manhood on public display.

I could describe it in more detail but I just don’t want to have to relive that one anymore.  The image kept resurfacing throughout the day no matter how forcefully I suppressed it;  each occasion that it broke through my mental forcefield would be accompanied by a sharp gasp and a widening of my eyes that luckily my friends understood–otherwise I would look like Emily Rose struggling with some sort of possession.

Let’s change the subject now, shall we?


^^You may notice that I wear an extremely similar outfit in tomorrow’s pictures of me at the zoo.  That is because it’s the same outfit.  Leave me alone, I do what I want.

We went to the Palais de Glaice first.  It was pretty.  I liked it.  I felt cultured.  The End.  I think I spend too much time at these museum things and my friends start to get impatient.  It’s not that I am slow or that I am busy reading all the historical information about the Art and such (those people annoy me, and I’m sorry if you’re one of them because you’re annoying.) That’s not it at all.  It’s because I start daydreaming and making up little stories about each painting.  Sometimes I laugh out loud as my stories develop and people look at me funny.  I deserve it though.  Who looks at this painting (it’s actually a canvas with yarn glued to it) and thinks:


“It looks like a maze, no wait, I think I see a boy in there–but he’s like in something’s jaws–is that an ALLIGATOR?!  I heard they have crocodiles in South America.  Crocodiles are the mean ones, right?  They would eat a little boy like that.  Oh wait!  It’s like a story line; I see now.  The boy is playing with a bouncy ball…maybe that’s a tennis racket.  And then his sister falls down some steps and they both get sucked up by a giant magic cloud.  Then they randomly end up in Aztec times–maybe it’s Incan because this is South America after all–and then there’s a huge hunt and they run to the beach where there’s waves and palm trees and they meet a puppy who shows them how to climb the mountain where they meet a flamingo–no that isn’t a flamingo…it kind of looks like the snipe from Up–that movie was based off Angel Falls in Venezuela wasn’t it?  Maybe it is a snipe! So the snipe shows them how to hang glide from the mountain.  Haha a snipe hang gliding.  That’s funny.  But then they run into a tree.” And so on.  Analyze that, Freudians. 

I don’t know if that’s what everyone does when they look at artsy things, but you were the one who decided to be friends with me.  Feel free to reconsider your decision if you’d like. (If you’re family, I feel for you.)  Imagine what goes through my mind when the art is in COLOR!


Not all of the paintings/art/sculptures were really busy like those two (three if you include the one below), but I seemed to dive into my own creativity with the slightest pressure at my back; it didn’t take much for my mind to start churning out splotches of nonsense and shoving them together into some sort of package that I called a story.  This one was my favorite.  It’s called “Los Vecinos” by Luisa Gonzales.  You can find her website here.  All of the windows and everything had cute little details that made it look so realistic.  And it was 3D by the way–the window sills come out of the painting.  I just thought it had a lot of personality.  Great for coming up wtih stories about the people living in each apartment and what the overall meaning of the painting was. 


So after I held us up a bit at the Palais de Glaice we walked out into the cloudy weather (I find it strange to say this but I was bummed that the sun was starting to come out.)  We were off for the next museum–MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericana de Buenos Aires).  I was done looking at paintings and sculptures.  My feet hurt.  My brain was tired.  I hadn’t gotten enough sleep.  I saw a–no, I wasn’t going to think about that!  Maybe more art was good.  So we went. 

Here’s the inconsiderate run down of what I have left over from my sleepy memory, we started from the top:

Floor 3–A bunch of groovy sixties flowers.  No, a bunch of them.  Like forty or fifty paintings in numerous sizes.  The first one had a pretty simple story; the second one had a really similar simple story; the third one was redundant; numbers 4-32 were flowers; numbers 32-37 were dying flowers; and numbers 37-the end I blacked out. 


Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s talented just…the overall effect of so many colorful flowers made me feel like a teletubby who just met Pee Wee Herman in the Wicked Witch of the West’s poppy field.  Kind of overkill.

Floor 2–A bunch of potatoes in varying states of decay and faux chemical experiments accompanied by profound quotes.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures.  I got yelled at for taking one.  😦  I won’t post it because my superego says its wrong. 

Floor 1–Empty rooms with a projected video of a burning furnace on one wall paired with creepy halloween music.  And then more of that.  A different empty room had a slideshow of images of cut down forests and polluted rivers to the same creepy music.  I felt like I was an involuntary participant in a psychological experiment: “The subjects in Group A were shown a series of images…”

Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t so tired haha.  Maybe not.  But I’ve decided that museums (at least art museums) just really aren’t my thing so I probably won’t be going back.

Apparently some of us had spartan stamina though because we found ourselves en route to the Evita Museum.  We weren’t peronist enough to enter though (Me and Victoria actually just forgot our student ID’s which would let us in free and I was too cheap to pay for yet another museum.)  So with spartan stamina comes spartan appetite and we were off in search of food. 

We went to a little cafe on some side street of a side street.  It looked genuine and cutesy and fairly cheap but we were so hungry that I don’t think it would have mattered if our food tasted like it was from Casa Bonita.  The minute we sat down we noticed the English.  A guy was wearing headphones at the table behind us Skyping someone (from the conversation I think it was his sister maybe…?)  He was talking really loud and the content of their conversation was…explicit to say the least haha. It made us all blush and giggle.  I don’t know if he thought no one could understand him or he just didnt care but I have a feeling it’s the latter.  “…so how was your date last night?  Is he sexy?  Great, great!  Are you going to **** him? Ooh you must tell me everything!  No, no, I’ve been great! I’ve been ****** so many guys lately.  Sexy ones too.  I had to tell my doorman that I’m interviewing people for an administrative position.  They just keep coming and going.  Sometimes even two at a time!” And so on.  It was made funnier by his obvious Argentine accent.  He was definitely from here.  It seemed this day was determined to steal my naïveté.

I ate, returned home and rested up for the night(by that I mean I took a nap so I could stay up all night…psh sleep at night? Argentina? Idon’tthinkso), since Monday was a feriado and Christine wanted to go to the zoo.

Sunday Night:

This post is growing kind of long so I think there’s going to be a Part III even–told you guys it was a WEEK-end.  Anyways, Sunday afternoon Alex had invited me to The Alamo with him.  It’s a kind of American (Statesian, yanqui, North American, whathaveyou) bar with a lot of foreigners and locals and it’s been a favorite of everyone in my program since their first visit.  Because I’ve been busy with…well I don’t know what I’ve been busy with…living in Argentina? having too much fun? haha But because I haven’t gone out so much I’d never actually been to The Alamo.  I was looking forward to going.  Plus, last minute I invited an Argentine girl (Sol) that I met a few weeks back at a birthday party–you guys remember the one I talked about in my post Energía Argentina?–and I was excited at the prospect of making good girlfriends here 🙂

We left at an early midnight, maybe earlier, met up with Alex, Sol, and her friend Elena, and headed to the bar.  Nearly every bar or dance club here charges a cover, which is huge bummer, but usually they come in the form of tickets that you can use to buy drinks.  So if you pay a $45 peso cover then you get $45 pesos worth of drinks or food inside.  It makes going out a lot more expensive than in the US (at least in comparison with how me and my friends did our awesome Thursdays–Ra-ta-tum4Life!) We learned that if we combined two tickets with five pesos, we could get the super sized pitcher of beer.  Definitely not an Argentine super size either. 


^^This baby is four (yes, four) liters of beer.  That’s just over a gallon of beer!

It’s full of tourists (like I said, I had a very touristy weekend), but it was kind of relaxing to meet other people from the states (maybe some cute bartenders, maybe not :P) who understood my lame pop culture references.  We talked and drank beer and had a really awesome time. 🙂  Sol and her friend were a lot of fun and I finally made Argentine girlfriends here–that’s not to say that I hadn’t before, but at least I started to chip away at my intimidation of them and really relax.  The bar closed really early at 4 am but after all that beer it was probably time to go home anyways.  Elena lived like two blocks away so she went home on her own but Alex walked both me and Sol home like a gentleman.  It was a really fun and successful night. 

I ended up hitting the sack at five o’clock with the idea that I was going to get up in three hours to go to the zoo with Christine.  Psh.  Like that happened.  I’ll write more about it in Part III. 

Sunday’s Firsts:

  1. Umm….yeah.  The first thing I talked about has definitely never happened to me before. 
  2. Buenos Aires’ art museums
  3. Witnessing such shameless conversation in public
  4. We got lost in this really ritzy neighborhood behind MALBA.  I stole a lemon from a lemon tree.  I was just so excited that people could grow lemons in their front yards here that I just had to climb the fence and steal a one…I haven’t eaten it yet 🙂
  5. Going to El Alamo
  6. Argentine girlfriends

Here’s some pictures (gracias a Christine) from Sunday to hold you guys off until Part III.  Besos! ❤


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